Soundtrack September: More Movie Musical Musings From Movie Dearest

This time out my friends at Movie Dearest have contributed an entertaining and essential list for Soundtrack September:

25 Favorite Movie Musical Soundtracks, a.k.a. the Gayest” Soundtracks of All Time.

“Not all of the following movies are gay (and one isn’t even technically a musical), but they — and their soundtracks — certainly have their gay fans.”

Here’s a few selections from the top 25:

The Sound of Music(1965): Admit it: you twirl around like Julie Andrews on that hilltop every time you hear it.

Victor/Victoria(1982): Speaking of Julie … she bends her gender, rolls her shoulders and gives us her best “Le Jazz Hot”.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert(1994): Not exactly a musical per se, but from the lip-synced wonders of “I’ve Never Been to Me” to the finale “Finally”, you won’t care. No more f*cking ABBA …?

Read the rest of the list here at Movie Dearest.

More later…