Serious Series Addiction Part 2: Pedaling Through Lost

Last month I wrote about my New Year’s resolutions of getting more exercise and watching all 5 seasons of The Wire. In addition to finishing that excellent show that absolutely earns its status as one of the best television series ever, I pedaled on my exercise bike to The Prisoner (the 60’s one) and continued the long haul that is Lost.

We got a Roku – a digital streaming device that hooks up to our TV to broadcast Netflix Instant titles – for a wedding present last year and I’ve found that it’s ideal for viewing full seasons of shows like Lost. Otherwise dealing with getting the many discs in the mail would be a hassle and I might’ve given up on the show during some of its lame story threads.

The exercise bike helped to get through the convolutions and highly implausible patches by my pedaling harder as if I could speed up the show when it got too stupid.

Seasons 3, 4, and 5 I quite enjoyed after the ups and downs of the first 2 seasons. A time loop episode involving the character Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) was a lot of fun and the Dharma Initiative in the 70’s storyline had many merits as well.

I got through all 5 seasons a few episodes into the current season 6. I had the shows recorded on our DVR but somehow the premiere episode was recorded over. Luckily it’s available on Hulu (doncha love how many resources we have these days?) so I was able to watch it on my computer in my office. I really missed being able to pedal through it though. I thankfully watched the remaining ones back on the bike.

Now that I’m caught up and can watch the final season in real time I can get back to seeing and writing about movies, but since this has been a down period for film (as it always is this time of year) I’m already looking for a new show to pedal through. Any suggestions?

More later…