Ambigram Tattoos

A New Style of Tattoo Lettering

ambigram tattoo hope faithEver wanted a tattoo that was very unique in just a simple twist of words? If you are, this may be your lucky day. Ambigram tattoos are designs that express the same visual aspects turned up or down, or from side to side. Ambigrams can also reference a different meaning when it is flipped or turned around too. The design is great new way of expressing your personality. They are in the same category as lettering tattoos but the artistry and cleverness takes it to a new level. If you are considering on getting a tattoo involving lettering tattoos, using words or names written in the Ambigrams style is a cool way to go.

Ambigram Tattoos
Ambigram Tattoo
Natures Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

There are two variations of the Ambigram style.

Symmetrical Ambigrams designs interprets the word or meaning in the same manner no matter which way it is turned. Words of spiritual and an wise convictions are usually chosen for this type of tattoo such as faith, glory, dream, strength and more.

Semper Fidelis Tattoo
Semper Fidelis” Ambigram Tattoo.
Symmetrical Example

Asymmetrical Ambigram are the most sought after tattoo style. The designs commonly refers to saying something different when it is flipped. This style usually uses words or phases that are opposite or related to each other such as love and hate, respect and loyalty and so on.

Ambigram Tattoo Respect Loyalty
Ambigram Tattoo “Respect and Loyalty“.
Asymmetrical Example

Some Popular Ambigram Tattoo Choices

Hope – Faith

Loyalty – Respect

Family – Forever

Person Names

Dream – Believe

Courage – Strength

Illuminati Tattoo
Illuminati Tattoo

With Ambigrams you can display phrases or quotes, words, and names in a style that is just plain awesome. Using your name, you can have a design that has a connection with someone you love dearly. When turned one way it will depict yours and flipped around it will display theirs. This would be a really cool tattoo to express your love for each other.

Faith Tattoo
Faith Tattoo Design

You can portray a lot of meanings in this tattoo style, by using simple words of enlightenment such as courage, life, no regrets, truth, live and many more. The lettering style is unique and elegant and flows with the design very well. You can have it inked in shades of colors or plain black. There are many ways and ideas that can be conjured up when using this design.

Finding designs for Ambigrams can be found by talking with your tattoo artist. He may be able to come up with a design for you or r you can look online at Mark Palmer website WoW Tattoos for designs he created.

Foot Tattoo, Ambigram Tattoo of Dream
Foot tattoo Ambigram Word of Dream

In conclusion, Ambrigrams tattoos are exceptional in how the designs are made. It is a clever way of expressing your mentality in written words. If you want an intriguing and unique tattoo design with letterings, you cant beat the fantastic designs of Ambrigrams tattoo.

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