Soundtrack September: The Playlist Provides A Favorite Films Songs Top 5

One of my favorite sites :: The Playlist :: posted an eclectic and entertaining Top 5 that I’m proud to present. This is just an excerpt so please follow the link to their page and be sure to check out their other awesome and extremely prolific posts. Here’s the first couple of their picks:

“So we ostensibly run a ‘soundtracks blog’, although that’s obviously kind of changed organically, but Daniel at Film Babble Blog wanted us/me to write him a post for his excellent September Soundtracks theme idea (which yes, we should probably have done, but there was TIFF, NYFF; we can “borrow” the concept next year), which is great. So we don’t have that much to say, but if you asked the editor-in-chief (me) what his five favorite songs scores in a movie were he’d say, as of *right now they are this – and yes, it’s a mixed bag, there’s no theme; the preference lies in the song:

5. Yeong Wook Jo‘s score to Park Chan-Wook‘s “Old Boy” is largely majestic — apart from a few odd techno-like moments here and there. And it’s awesome for two reasons, one simply being just how gloriously sonorous it is, but secondarily because he names the themes from the film after classic movies: “Kiss Me Deadly” (Robert Aldrich), “In a Lonely Place’ (Nicholas Ray), “Cul-De-Sac” (Roman Polanski) and our utmost favorite theme on the soundtrack “The Last Waltz,” named after Scorsese‘s The Band concert-farewell doc (his work on “Sympathy For Lady Vengeance” is also incredible, elegiac and hauntingly good (this song is particularly orchestrally marvelous and “Lullaby” is also excellent).”

4. Carlos Saura‘s haunting children’s tale, “Cria Cuervos” is a ’70s Spanish film masterwork, no it’s just a masterwork period, it won the Grand Prix in Cannes in 1976. The star of the film, little Ana Torrent is ridiculously good and the song prominently featured in the movie is Spanish pop star Jeanette’s “Por Que Te Vas.” It’s a top 10 all-timer as far as we’re/I’m concerned. The dance moves the little girls make-up this scene is amazing.”

Read the rest of the list here.

More later…

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