Soundtrack September Selection #3: THE TRIP (1967)

Selection # 3 for Soundtrack September comes from fellow film buff Jon Mitchell who is the owner operator of Rockin’ Ammonia Karaoke. Jon is at City Beverage in Durham every Wednesday night so if you’re in the Triangle area, please give him a visit. Take it away, Jon!:

“My all time favorite soundtrack, just happens to be from my all time favorite movie: Roger Corman’s THE TRIP.

Mainly because it’s just great exploito Psych, but on a deeper level it’s done by The Electric Flag, which while not a great band, they managed to come up with some great music that matched the film and was totally not consistent with their recorded output as a band. Had they made another album after this, I’m sure it would have been great. But Buddy Miles went on to do his own thing with The Express with Mike Bloomfield going on to work with Al Kooper and Stephen Stills on the “Supersessions” album.

THE TRIP soundtrack album from The Electric Flag (although they are kind of in disguise – in a way it’s the precursor to XTC’s Dukes Of Stratosphear outings) shows what they were capable of doing in the psychedelic genre, but unfortunately they chose not to follow that path.”

More later…

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