THE WRESTLER Standee Gaffe – Plain Error Or Seasonal Sign?

Every holiday season at the theater where I work part-time a flurry of large standees fill the lobby. In the years past they’ve been elaborate structures with plastic panels and sometimes electric lights that brighten the promotional pictures and titles. This season however the standees we got were much less extravagant. They were just flat cardboard pieces that had the same image as the poster and a few reprinted in large a glowing review of the movie. I’m not sure if that’s a reflection of the economy or what but it wasn’t the only cheap concession on display.

This standee (left) for Darren Aronofsky’s THE WRESTLER (which isn’t coming to my area for a few weeks yet to my chagrin) featured Peter Travers’ rave review from Rolling Stone. The review alone was annoying enough with its repetition – “Mickey Rourke gets everything right” and “Rourke doesn’t make a single false move” but it has an error which, while minor, I still can’t get past:

That’s right – they misspelled the title of the movie! Sure, it’s just a typo but a pretty noticeable embarrassing one. Once you see it you’ll never miss it. I surely don’t every time I walk past the damn thing. Maybe though, just maybe, it was a subtle Christmas message – no ‘L’, get it? Noelle? Oh, nevermind.

Anyway – Happy New Year from Film Babble Blog!

More later…

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