Which Bikini Model is Right for You?

Yellow bikiniSummer is a time for fun, sun and the pool or the beach. If you’re in the market for a bikini, you may not realize how many different types are actually available to you! When buying a new summer suit, here is a run down of the most commonly available bikinis on the market, as well as tips for finding the best fit for your body type. Bikinis aren’t just for supermodels, either, and if you’re busty, no worries-you can still find bikinis that offer great support .

The string bikini is probably the smallest bikini available, and offers the least coverage. This type of bikini is very Blue Bikinitiny, and should really only be worn by those who can pull it off. The bottom is basically a small triangle that covers the front area, and then a small string connects it to the back, hence why it’s called a string bikini . String bikinis may even tie on the sides, or the string may be attached. This also applies to the top, where the piece is also tied together around the neck and back by strings. Often, the top features two simple triangles , one over each breast, joined by a drawstring under the bust that you can adjust as you like. This bikini is great for petite body types. If you’ve got rock-hard abs, zero body fat and confidence to boot, this is the option for you.

Not quite sure you’ve got what it takes for a string bikini? Consider a two-piece bikini with slightly more coverage or power mesh designed to hold in those problem spots. Some bikini options are simply two-piece suits that offer more coverage than string bikinis do.

Thong bikinis are like string bikinis, but without the rear coverage. Thong bikinis (also known as G-string bikinis ) Brazilian Bikiniwork well for those who work out-if you can jump up to hit a volleyball without jiggling your behind, a thong bikini might work well for you. They’re also great for sunbathing (don’t forget your sunscreen, though!) Thong bikinis come in a variety of sexy styles, including string thong bikini styles. Going to Rio? Bring your Brazilian thong bikini. You can even get thongs in a one-piece style.

The tankini is a newer version of the bikini and makes a great alternative to women who may have a fuller bust. This type of bathing suit has a tank top like upper, but it is still made of bathing suit material. The bottom can be either a traditional bikini bottom or may look more like a pair of shorts. Essentially this is still a bikini, but it offers much more coverage of the bust and midriff. The best thing about a tankini is that the wearer can still mix and match pieces to give them more versatility with their swimwear. This particular type of bikini looks good on just about any body type.

The sports bikini is perfect for the gal who loves to play sports. Like a bra, it’s especially designed to be extra supportive so you can move, jump, and run around in it without any problems. It’s the swimwear of choice for most professional thong bikiniathletes like volleyball players and bikers who need to be able to air their skin out, while still covering up and looking professional.

While the term bikini is usually reserved for women, the men’s bikini is becoming more and more popular as well. This swimsuit is much smaller than the traditional “swimming trunks” or the brief/boxer style of bottoms. The design of the men’s bikini has taken off in Europe, and is becoming a more common choice among men in the United States and other countries. Swimmers prefer the aerodynamic nature of bikini styles, in contrast to shorts.

While you wouldn’t wear them to the beach, bikini-like lingerie is a comfortable and sexy option for many women. You can even get rhinestone thong -style lingerie for a unique look. Bikini-style panties are available in cotton, mesh , and other comfortable fabrics. Mesh bikinis with One-Piece Thongcharming patterns (like red hearts or polka dots ) are a fun option. Some attractive mesh bikini options include: On Gossamer’s appealing mesh hip bikinis , Rufskin’s sheer mesh bikinis , or fun mesh halter bikini styles.

These are just a few examples of the wide variety of styles that bikinis come in. You can choose colorful patterns, bold solid colors, or just sleek black. The possibilities are endless, since there are two pieces, you can often mix and match your swim suit to create your own custom look! All women should try a few different bikinis on for size to get an idea of what kind of coverage they will need when lounging on the beach, swimming in the pool, or playing beach volleyball. Your bathing suit should be a personal statement about your fashion, but it should also be comfortable and provide adequate coverage. Flag Bikini

Bikinis have played an important role in the icons of movies, television and fashion. It’s the perfect suit to wear on that Caribbean cruise, European vacation, trip to the beach, or a dip in the pool. Paired with a pair of chic sunglasses, it keeps you cool looking fashionable and gorgeous, while showing off your body at the same time. Not everyone can wear a bikini, and not everyone feels comfortable in them, but with new additions like the tankini, this cute swim suit style is now more accessible to anybody who wants to make a summertime statement.

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