Porsche Carrera GT Sports Fast Cars

Porsche Carrera GT
Carrera GT

Fittingly, given we started this top ten with the last Porsche proper production hypercar we’ll finish it with its latest. The Carrera GT. Like so many of Porsche’s models its roots lie in racing, the Carrera GT conceived as a race car before a change in regulations ruled it out before it was ever raced. Pragmatically, Porsche decided not to waste all its efforts in developing the Carrera GT and hastily turned it into a road car project. The result is phenomenal, the Carrera GT able to breach 200mph and sprinting to 62mph in just 3.9 seconds. That’s possible because of the 612bhp 5.8-litre V10 engine powering it, and the light and immensely strong carbon fibre chassis. Expensive, exclusive and outrageously fast and capable, the Carrera GT is the fastest production Porsche to leave the factory, but amazingly for such an exotic machine it’s just like every production Porsche as it really can be used and enjoyed everyday.

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