Pin up Girls

It’s no secret that men like to look at beautiful women. From ancient to classical art the female form has been recreated and idolized. Pin-up girls are the 20th century’s pop culture version of this. Pin-up refers to sexy pictures of models that were printed on a massive scale. Traditionally these images were photographs but the phrase later includes artwork as well. The term “pin-up” can be traced back to the early 1940s where images in magazines were so enticing people were compelled to pull them out and pin them on the wall. And although the pin-up girl style is distinct, modern pin-up models and artwork have evolved into a larger scheme.

Pin-up girl

What is a pin-up?

Pin-up photographs are artfully erotic images of famous women, particularly from the early 1900s, posing in sexy or alluring manner. A certain style can be attributed to the pin-up girl, usually featuring a soft or sensual look on her face and showing a little more skin than usual. Lingerie also became a common sight in pin-ups, especially garter belts, stockings and corsets.

History of Pin-ups

Depicting erotic scenes or images in art is nothing new to artists. Any visit to a museum will prove that. Although early inspirations for pin-up girls could be cited, the true history begins with the popularization of printed materials, namely magazines and newspapers. Editors would include sexy photographs in their publication to increase sales. As the practice became more common, more publishers picked up the habit and turned the pin-up girl into a household phrase. Soon these images were found on bedroom walls and on the inside of lockers everywhere.

Famous Pin-up Girls

A pin-up girls’ images are often more famous than her name, though this isn’t always the case. One of the best-known early pin-up girls is undoubtedly Betty Grable. Her famous photograph

depicted her in a bathing suit with an innocent grin directed at the camera. The image was taken in the 1940s and became one of the most popular pin-ups of its time.

Another famous pin-up girl was Ms. Norma Jeane Mortenson, better known as Marilyn Monroe. The talented actress, singer and model appeared in a number of films during her time and became the epitome of the female form with her soft curves and pleasing smile. And who could possibly forget her famous photograph from Seven Year Itch where her dress is blown upward by the air vent.

One of the later pin-up girls to gain fame from an image, Catherine Bach portrayed the Daisy Duke character in the Dukes of Hazzard television show. Unhappy with her wardrobe, Ms. Bach took a pair of jeans and cut most of the legs away, creating the now-famous Daisy Duke-style shorts. The image was emblazoned on a color poster and has sold over 5 million copies since.

Pin-up Girl Galleries

They’re beautiful, they’re alluring, they’re talented. Pin-up girls embody perfection and are meant to be looked at. The following links lead to off-site resources for pin-up girl galleries. Classic pin-up styles usually do not feature nudity, but some pages on the sites below may contain nudity.

  • AtomicPinup – Features absolutely gorgeous classic and modern pin-up photography from Lee Martin.
  • Pin-up Girls – A good collection of vintage pin-up artwork and photographs.
  • Pin-up Girls of America – Magazine covers featuring sexy pin-up girls in skirts and stockings.
  • The Painted Anvil – Classic and modern pin-up and “girly” artwork.
  • ScanDolls – Pin-up work from famous artists.

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