Designer Women Lingerie Models

Designer lingerie offers consumers the latest in seasonal trends and the reputation of quality that is unique to each designer. More importantly, when you buy designer you are not only purchasing a product, but also the image that surrounds that product. Where lingerie is concerned, a sexier brand makes for a sexier you. Imagine the look on your lover’s face when he fingers the clasp of your 200 dollar Allure demi bra and sees a label that humbly reads, “La Perla”.

 Girl in Lingerie

“By George!” he’ll whisper to himself. “This dame is classy.” Immediately the man will rethink his plans for your one-month anniversary. The memories of you spending fitful poker-nights in his smoky best friend’s apartment will vanish in favor of high-dining at Spago and evenings spent in symphony box seats.

And this is just a taste of what designer lingerie can do for you…

What’s In a Name?

So when it comes to apparel, what’s in a name? The answer is everything. That’s right, where designer labels are concerned, the name you place on your body serves as a testament of your status to the outside world. Therefore, if you are a status conscious individual it would make sense for you to purchase and flaunt the product of high-level designers. The idea is to convince passersby that you are not the daughter of a mere library clerk, but indeed the offspring of a legendary merchant family.

Sporting labels like “La Perla” and “Chantelle” sends messages to those who have the privilege of viewing your undergarments. Next time you’re frequenting singles’ night at the local bar, strap on some elitist lingerie and introduce yourself to a winking stranger by saying, “I’m Julie Smith, of the Milan Smiths. We’re in textiles.” Never mind the fact that you picked up that demi-cup number at a steep discount on Bluefly. Because you’re wearing La Perla now, and that makes you a winner.

Important Considerations

Once again, when you’re cavorting around in designer lingerie, you are adopting the image of that designer. So it’s important to note that individual designers possess differing reputations. Wearing a corset from Fredericks of Hollywood presents an altogether contrary image to one evoked by wearing the sleek styles of Vera Wang.

There is a broad difference between lingerie that tells your boyfriend, “take me home to meet your mother” and the sort of undergarments that say, “just take me home”. Thankfully, the images supported by each brand name designer make these distinctions simple for the common consumer.

Meet the Mom Lingerie

There are many designers that provide wearers with an upscale aura. To provide an “I’m not just a one night stand” image, try:

  • La Perla
  • Chatelle
  • Donna Karen Intimates
  • Cosabella

I’m Reliable and Replaceable

For the dispensable look of the girl-next-door, try designers such as:

  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Hanky Panky
  • Charlotte Ronson

I’m Easier Than Third-Grade Arithmetic

Get in touch with your inner vixen. If you want lingerie that makes you feel faster than a red corvette, the following designers have been approved for all racy-related activities:

  • Agent Provocateur
  • Frederick’s of Hollywood

The Twist to Victoria’s Secret

It is no doubt that Victoria’s Secret remains a front-runner in the world of designer lingerie. However, over the years, the company has grown in its public accessibility. In fact, nearly everyone shops at Victoria’s Secret, making this once mysteriously spicy lingerie entity a common household name.

Name-conscious consumers are now seeking out smaller upscale entities like the flirty Italian designs of Cosabella. Britney Spears is rumored to be a fan of the colorful mesh-inspired styles that can be purchased at both Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus stores. The Soire collection thongs are often hailed as a wardrobe necessity for several celebrities. More importantly, the color selection is almost intimidating in its breath.

If sexy and tantalizing are words to describe your lingerie needs, then SPANK (which stands for Sexy Panties and Naughty Knickers) should be a name in your closet. SPANK’s kittenishly saucy styles feature everything from frills and lace to girlish ruffles set upon pink mesh material. And each of these crafty designs is topped off by the sparkly SPANK logo.

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