What is Online Banking?

What is online banking? Online banking is a way to control your bank accounts from your home computer. You can transfer money between your accounts and pay bills without leaving your home. If you have automatic deposit, which is what most people and companies prefer, the money directly deposited in your bank account provides no hassle banking. You can have work payroll check, social security check, unemployment check and tax return checks deposited into your account. Therefore, when you ask, what is online banking, one might say it is the easiest way to conduct business online.

What can you do Online?

Transfer money between accounts, pay bills through the bank or an online service, check account balances, stop payment on checks or bill payment, receive money from services such as Paypal and or transfer money to a Paypal account. What is online banking, when you have all the necessary options you need to take care of your personal and business needs that require daily attention? It is the ability to travel less to the bank and be able to observe your daily activity. You can apply for debit cards, change pin numbers and do address changes.

Who Benefits From Online Banking?

Everyone benefits from online banking services. The homemaker, the businessperson and the banks all share in the benefits of online banking. Banks offer the service as a way to provide even more quality services to the customer. Therefore, what is online banking? It is the most popular way to track expenses and pay bill on time without running around all over town, or having to apply postage to mailed bills.

Who Can Have Online Banking?

Anyone can have online banking as long as your bank offers the service and you have either a checking account or savings account or both. If you have a password and an account number, you can access your banking information from your home or work computer. The statement of “what is online banking” explained easily as being safe and secure as well for all your banking needs that require you to have access to your account on a daily basis.


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